Friday, March 11, 2016

The trip

Our problem solving 
project to solve how much. 

My weekend

TITLE: _____________**FISHING **______________

  2.Catching a fish
  3.Watching the sun go down

It's a big one it's a big one as dramatic as i am it was a little snapper. that was under size when i sore it i was laughing so hard. and sadly had to put it back then we started fishing again. And my excitement got  higher and higher. so my mum and dad were annoyed. With every time i would opened my mouth. i was so bored my skin would krink every time i would feel bites or even nibbles.

i got like 3 huge bites so i reeled up the line and there was a huge snapper now this was a feisty one because it just didn't want to came out of the water. i tryed and tryed no help from my mum and dad were just laughing.because what i was saying “Mum and dad soshis” i yelled. i finally got it up. FINALLY my arms were sore as. We watched the sun go down it was shining bright like a diamond. The darkness surrounded the whole ocean everywhere it was gloomy.

The sky was a pastel sky it had some really pretty colours that were blended. We meet up with my uncle and we had a race with the boats they were flying and we are way in front of them because our boat is way better.

Will work on my writing and putting more link in.
Miss Baker
Lots of ideas in your story and some detail. Make sure you include all the information so everyone know what is happening in order the whole time.

boat challage

This thought us how to use team work and use our creative mind.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

room 6 kawa of care

we have been thinking about how to look after our chromebooks. And i am happy to make sure that its always safe . Because my parnets paid good money for it.
As a class we created this to show how to look after our chromebooks.